Product Disclaimer

The majority of our items are second-hand goods. Which means they will inevitably show signs of general wear and use.

Therefore, before purchasing from us, please understand the following:

  • Second-hand items will have varying signs of use and will likely be less durable than if the item was new.
  • It is unlikely that any two second-hand items will be of the same quality or condition. Meaning, multiple items of the same product will differ slightly in quality and show differing signs of use.
    • Please bear this in mind when seeing photos of items with multiple quantities on our various sales channels and advertisements. We will not be able to display and highlight all the minute differences of every item of the same product.
  • Spare parts for repairs will be scarce and often unavailable.
  • Manufacturer’s instructions or manuals for our items will not be available. It is up to the customer to use our products properly and safely for their expected purpose or retrieve the manual from another source.


Our Promise

  • We will do our best to inspect, test and clean our products as well as find and disclose all major faults and defects in a product before it is priced and sold.
    • For example, if we have three of the same items one of which has a major fault. We will highlight this fault to our customers and have a price that appropriately reflects this, thus treating it as a separate product from the other two.
  • We will never sell an item that we know to have a major fault but do not disclose to the customer.